Design School 101: Tropical Chic

This past week we’ve had the HUGE honor of helping a super special client design her newly purchased Maui condo! If you don’t know the fabulous Jenna Kutcher yet, allow me to introduce to you one of the most influential girl bosses out there:


Seriously, stop right here and hop on over to MEET JENNA ! I promise you’ll thank me later for introducing you to your new virtual BFF!

She’s amazing, right? So needless to say, Gretchen and I had a “pinch me” moment! How is this real life? How lucky we feel to get to design a condo in Maui for one of our favorite people on Earth! Nope, can’t even call this work!

So when we were discussing the vibe she wanted for her new home away from home to have, Jenna absolutely nailed it. She and her husband Drew wanted it to feel “super minimal, relaxed, kinfolky even.” See? Told you you’d love her.

After looking closely at what inspires Jenna, we decided that she’s too cool to be put in just one category. She’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of boho, tropical, and mid-century-modern (MCM). But as a nod to Hawaii, we’ll make it easy and call her the poster girl for our Tropical Chic style.

Tropical Chic decor style is all about comfort, ease and elegance! It’s effortless and classic and breezy.

Just what you’d expect in, say, Maui! Let’s talk details, shall we?

{via Gray Malin}

{via 100 Layer Cake}

Colors: Keep it light and airy! White walls are just the right backdrop for this minimalistic style. Let the scenery and the greenery be your primary focal points. (HOWEVER, an occasional pop of pink never hurt anyone, right?) 😉

{via House of Turquoise}

Furnishings: Light wood tones and neutral upholstery choices are great choices for the Tropical chic girl! Because space is sometimes limited in vacation homes, try furniture with clean lines. Pops of acrylic are great as they take up less visual space and allow the scenery to shine! And, of course, a well stocked bar cart lends that fancy free feeling.

{source unknown}

Artwork: Photography is your best friend when going for a tropical vibe. Black and whites set against light wood tones and fresh greenery is kind of tropics perfection. Aerial beach photography is also a great way to add fun pops of color to otherwise white walls. We love GRAY MALIN for this very reason!

{via Gray Malin}

Rugs: Indoor/Outdoor rugs like those from Dash and Albert are wonderful additions to this style. Sandy feet and spilled margaritas are no match for their durability! Sisal and Seagrass floor coverings are also hallmarks of this chic style. They add tons of texture while keeping things neutral and fresh.

{via Creativity Exchange}

Indoor Plants: Palms, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Banana Leaf Cuttings and Split Leaf Philodendron are all must haves!

{via West Elm}

{via Emily Henderson}

The lovely thing about this Tropical Chic style is that it’s so very versatile and easy to attain. Just a few pops of greenery, some fab beach photography, minimalistic decor, and you can pull this off in no time! Just remember: less is more. Let God’s gorgeous creation take center stage on this one!

{via Jenna Kutcher}

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