Our Top 5: Wallpaper Edition

Really the ONLY way Michael can get me to watch a basketball game is to place a friendly wager on the outcome. SO when UNC and Duke played this weekend, Michael being the die-hard Tar Heel Alum that he is, went with UNC; and I naturally took Duke. It’s important to note that when we placed this bet, UNC was up by 10! (I blame the wine.)

Regardless, we shook on it and sealed the deal. The terms?

UNC wins: Michael gets a back-rub every night until July 4th (again with the wine!)

Duke wins: I get to wallpaper the laundry room! (I choose the paper, he foots the bill.) Another thing to note here, Michael is not at all a fan of wallpaper. He keeps telling me that it reminds him of a grandmother’s house from the 1970’s. No matter how many times I tell him it’s come a LONG way, he still has yet to buy into the trend. Let’s just call him a “late adapter,” shall we? A very handsome, charismatic, hardworking late adapter, but still. . . late nonetheless.

So guess what, y’all? DUKE WON! Now normally I am not an avid Duke fan; but on Saturday morning I was obnoxiously playing their fight song. . . loudly. Naturally I spent the rest of the morning pouring over wallpaper samples and texting him pictures of only the MOST expensive options 😉

Now since wallpaper is a great way to pack a big punch in a small space, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite inspiration images and sources for you today.

{via My Domaine}

{via Jaimee Rose}

{via Studio McGee}

So now that we’re all inspired to paper up those walls, we’ve rounded up our favorite sources for you.

Click on each picture to shop:

How about you? What are some of your favorite wallpapers lately?

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