Our Go-To Recipe for Shelf Styling

Styled Bookshelves

One of the most common questions we get from clients is:

"How in the world do I style these bookshelves?"

It can be overwhelming for sure. But today we're breaking it down for you step-by-step with our

Go-To Recipe for Shelf Styling:

1. Clear everything off! You want to start with a blank canvas.

2. Make a pile of the accessories you might use. (Grab more than you think you need. You’ll have time to edit later.) Only consider things that you really love and/or have meaning. Think: bowls, books, artwork, vases, etc.

3. Intersperse larger items on the shelves first.

4. Add books. Generally larger books can be stacked by 3’s horizontally and smaller books vertically (with really pretty bookends if possible!)

5. Place artwork and picture frames next. Artwork can lean at the back of the shelves & even behind books if necessary.

6. Fill in the gaps with color and interest, varying heights throughout the shelves. (Groupings of threes work well too!)

7. If you have room, add natural textures: plants, driftwood, & geodes.

8. Most importantly: keep in mind that white space is a GOOD thing on shelves! Avoid that temptation to overcrowd. Trust me, your shelves (and your eyes) will thank you.

9. Tweak those arrangements until you find balance. Sometimes we style them three or four ways, taking pictures of each. At the end, we decide which arrangement is the winner.

10. ENJOY your newly refreshed space!

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