The Artist I Can't WAIT For You To Meet (& A Super Fun Surprise!)

I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my very favorite artists ON the planet.

Meet Marquin Campbell of Marquin Designs:

Marquin Campbell Artist

(Can you even handle all of those dreamy colors?)

I adore using Marquin's paintings in clients homes:

E-Design Crisp Interiors

E-Design Living Room

There's something so magical about the way she mixes colors and makes rooms just come alive!

You ready for the big news?

I'm THRILLED to announce that Marquin and I have teamed up for a really fun collaboration that I think you're going to LOVE!

But before we get to all of those juicy details, I sat down with Marquin to chat about her background, her inspirations and the challenge of balancing babies and business.

1. Share with us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Savannah, Georgia on an island, which inspires my work greatly. I attended the University of Georgia and studied Drawing & Painting, then went on to Parsons School of Design and studied Fashion Design. I now live in Greenville, South Carolina and have an art school, Vino & van Gogh and paint full time and sell under my brand, Marquin Designs.

2. How did you launch your artistic career?

In college, I started designing and selling Jewelry with a friend (who incidentally is my studio manager now,) and have been creating work to sell since then under the name, 'Marquin Designs.'

But if I'm truly honest, I have always been an artist: I have enjoyed painting, crafting, and crafting since a very early age.

3. How do you gather inspiration for your paintings?

I am often inspired by other creative interests I stumble upon. Your rugs are beautiful, curated color palettes, and those palettes translate beautifully to canvas.

I also think artists are very experiential and I am inspired by food, travel, conversation, clothing, and the change of the seasons among other things.

4. What other artists do you really look up to?

I appreciate Elliott Puckette so much - her textures and palettes are feminine and I relate to her mark making.

I also adore Julie Mehretu because she she has a keen sense of shape and line.

And the sisters behind Rodarte have always been huge sources of inspiration: they are imaginative, playful, and true to their sensibilities.

5. As an artist, how have you noticed your style has evolved and changed?

As with anything, you get better the more you do, so I think my work is stronger than ever. I definitely have drifted from more of a bright poppy palette to a softer, more subtle one. I tend to trend towards soft lines, and feminine palettes which has always been something I've done. So perhaps the biggest and most important evolution is that I have gotten more refined and edited.

6. If one of your artistic dreams could come true tomorrow, what would it be?

Probably to study with some of the people I l spoke about above. I have had the honor of hosting lots of amazing artists in my studio and getting to paint with them and enjoy critiques, and so much growth comes from study.

7. What's on your recently played Pandora list?

A friend introduced me to Hipster Cocktail on Pandora, and its my go-to.

8. If you had to eat just one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

How about a Culture of Food? It would most certainly be Thai Food- I am crazy for it!

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world to paint where would it be?

I'm planning a trip to Iceland. I can not wait to see all the different shapes, colors, and terrain. The culture sounds absolutely amazing.

10. What's the most challenging part about being a working mama?

That there is no life-work balance at all. I have decided its a myth. My life and work blend together and some days I get absolutely no work done... which is sounds crazy, but I have found it to be refreshing. It has allowed me to pull away from my work and approach it more objectively. And because I have no time, I only do things I am really passionate about.

I mean that right there is tweet worthy! I couldn't agree more.

She's pretty amazing, right?

Well, y'all, get ready because you're going to see much more of Marquin and her gorgeous art NEXT WEEK!

Marquin Designs & Crisp Interiors have teamed up to bring you gorgeous paintings inspired by the palettes of the Vintage Turkish Rugs in our SHOP!

Become a Crisp Interiors Insider today to be the first to hear all of the details about our upcoming collab.

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Until then, I'll leave you with another glimpse of Marquin's masterpieces:

See you next week!