5 Reasons To Decorate with Vintage Rugs

It was an unlikely match. . . 5 years ago I knew nothing about vintage rugs and certainly had not a clue what the word "Oushak" meant!

And today? You can catch me chatting on the phone at least weekly with one of my new Turkish friends, I get gorgeous shipments in monthly, AND I can even tell you the difference between "Oushak" and "Kilim" !

I first fell in love with vintage Turkish rugs when sourcing several for a client. The gorgeous color and texture that they add to a space is hard to replicate; and I knew nothing but the real thing would cut it!

I quickly saw a need for vintage rugs with muted and pastel tones.

And THAT is how The Crisp Interiors Shop was born!

So in case you're a rug newbie like I once was, today I'm sharing

The Top 5 Reasons I Love Vintage Rugs:

1. They're Timeless.

Though extremely trendy right now, vintage rugs aren't going anywhere! They've been around for hundreds of years and I think it's safe to say that they'll be dressing up floors long after we're gone. They also compliment just about any decor style you can think of!

Vintage Runner from Crisp Interiors

2. They're Durable!

I once had a client ask how many years she could expect to get out of her "new" Turkish rug with toddlers and pets at home. I quickly assured her that the rug she'd bought had been around almost a whole century; so it's safe to say it's seen its fair share of 2 year olds and won't be phased in the least!

3. They Can Be Layered!

It's often hard to find large sizes in Vintage Oushaks (Turkish homes don't typically have the extremely expansive rooms that we have here in the United States.) The good news is that they layer extremely well. Sometimes I even prefer the layered look as it adds even more texture and interest to an otherwise neutral space. Just add a jute or a sisal and you'll look like a decorating pro in no time!

4. They Add Color & Texture.

I like to call them "art for your floors!" They really are a work of art and can sometimes be just the POP your space needs!

5. Each One is Unique!

When new shipments arrive, most of our rugs sell within hours of being added to the shop. But inevitably I'll get an email saying they couldn't get to the shop fast enough and missed out on the perfect rug for their home. The bad news is I can't just order another one. Each one is hand woven in Turkey (wouldn't you just love to know the story behind the weavers of each rug? Why they chose the colors they did, where the rug has been. I wish I knew it all!)

But the good news? Once you find your perfect rug, you can almost guarantee that no one else will have it! It's unique to you and your style!

If you've been looking everywhere for a rug that makes a beautiful statement in your home, then hop on over to our shop where we've carefully curated our very favorites for you!

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