My Best Biz Secrets

Lately I've gotten lots of emails asking how to start a side hustle that turns into a full fledge business.

Let me tell you . . . I had to learn the hard way one too many times in my first year or so! I'm guessing my Psychology major didn't do me any favors. (Really, I couldn't' have signed up for even ONE accounting course in college?)

BUT now I finally feel like we have systems in place that make this small potatoes business run really smoothly.

So today I'm doing something I've NEVER done before and dishing the 3 tools that have helped me the most . Juuuuust in case you're dreaming of turning that hobby of yours into a full time gig. (Because you totally should!!)



My Client Management Software

This one is my favorite, y'all! If you're in any kind of industry where you will be booking services, HB is where it's at!

In all honesty, it was the first biz tool that I paid for; and my hands were shaking a little as I pulled out my shiny new business debit card and signed up.

But it's been 100% worth every penny.

It's got a beautiful interface (which you know I love) and allows you to organize clients AND give them all that elevated experience with your brand and in your your voice!

Honeybook Brochure

And you can even invoice them right there! No more awkward PayPal money requests or hand written receipts.

(Because who really likes to talk about money?)

Just get that all done ahead of time and you can enjoy your sweet clients when you're with them.

Wanna give it a whirl?

Here's my 50% off coupon!



My lifeline and organizing tool of choice!

Trello is without a doubt the backbone of my business (and my personal life.) Wanna know my two favorite things about it ?

  • It's FREE.

  • It's PRETTY. (Really you can make it as branded and beautiful as you'd like!)

I have Trello boards for almost every area of my life! Michael thought I'd gone a bit crazy when I added him to my "Christmas Gifts" Trello board in mid May!

I don't think I've ever shared this before; but here's a screenshot of some of my go-to Trello boards

My Company Guidebook: it's got all of the info stored there that I need on a daily (scratch that...hourly) basis!

Trello Board Example

My Week at a Glance: My To-Do's all in one place! And if something doesn't get done, you can just move a card over to the next day! (Not that that ever happens around here) wink. wink.

Need a little organizational boost?




They Made email fun and Easy!

True Story: I grew my list pretty substantially at first; but then dreaded writing the emails! It all seemed like a foreign language and oh-so- over-complicated. My other service providers just couldn't give me the easy automations AND branding that I wanted for you guys!

ConvertKit lets you tag your subscribers (based on THEIR preferences.) And then you talk to JUST those people! I love this feature because it instantly makes a big list more personal.

I always like to remind myself that behind those list numbers are real live people (like YOU) who deserve a customized experience tailored just for them!

ConvertKit Email

Want to start growing your list?

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That's it for now; but PLEASE feel free to shoot me an email with any other questions you have about getting your business up and running!

I'd love to help! Truly.