Our Favorite Things of 2017

So yesterday I was making a mental list of my favorite things of 2017. (you know, when I should have been folding laundry or paying bills or something productive.) ;)

I'll be honest, in my dream life, I would wrap up a gift basket with all of these things in it and ship them right out to you! Because how fun would THAT be? #2108goals!

But for now, I wanted to at least share the things that I'm starry eyed over this year:

1. Capri Blue Candle:

An obvious choice, right? But I can't tell you how many hours I've burned these this year. For some reason a Capri Blue burnin' plus a good Spotify playlist playin' makes for the coziest of afternoons! And, y'all, I feel like I struck gold because I found them on Amazon for less than you'd pay Anthropologie! (I'm not gonna lie, though, I'd probably pay the extra just to have the Anthro experience!)

2. Francis + Benedict Skirts

To say I'm obsessed is an under-statement! Their maxis are ALL my favorite; but what I love the very most is the work Francis + Benedict is doing in Togo! They're empowering local seamstresses to support their families and using profits to help orphans and widows of Togo. Fashion forward and doing INCREDIBLE work... I'm totally in!

3. Tazo Dessert Delights Tea:

Ok I know this one is simple; but MY WORD have you tried these teas yet? No joke they are my after dinner dessert every night by the Christmas tree! My new guilt-less pleasure ;)

4. Affordable Gold Hardware:

I swear, during our mudroom reno, I visited every single website that's ever sold gold hardware. I finally stumbled upon Forge Hardware Studio on Etsy! Their modern style is perfection and their prices are so much more affordable than any others I've found.

5. Goal Digger Podcast:

I'lll be honest, I have become such a podcast junkie this year! Though nothing has filled my ear-buds more these last 365 days than Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast. Jenna is so refreshingly honest and shares such beautiful stories of inspiring women.

We were honored to help Jenna decorate her Maui condo this year AND to be featured on her podcast as well. Such a pinch-me kind of moment ;)

(Just don't ask me what I said b/c that's still the ONLY epidsode I haven't tuned in to. Because too much #southerntwang!)

6. Present Over Perfect:

I'm sure by now many of you have read Shauna's newest book; but if you haven't, y'all get ready for some serious GOODNESS! It was the "perfect" book for me...a girl who often feels like she's out-hustled her grace! (And goes really well with a huge mug full of dessert tea) ;)

So that's it, friends. . .my top 5 of 2017!

Hop on over to insta and share some of your 2017 faves with me... I'd love to hear!

I'm signing off until 2018 to be 100% present with my sweet family. But, until then, this is me just reminding you that there’s a girl out there and she’s proud of and so very grateful for you!