6 Interior Design Trends You Need to Try!

Before we deep dive into the trends of 2018, just a quick note on the subject: don't let a trend tell you what to love.

(Talking to myself here!)

It's SO fun to chat about what's new on the horizon or what all of the designers are doing, right? But what's really MOST important?

1. That your home feels like a reflection of you!

2. Friends and family feel so welcome and wanted the second they step on that cute welcome mat of yours!

BUT, if you're anything like me, and love a trend talk, this one's for you:

2018 in home decor is all about rich warmth.


  • Think jewel toned accents: teal, eggplant, and emerald green will steal the show

  • We'll see lots more Earthy tones on cabinetry & walls.

  • Warm whites, burnt rose, & browns are all major players.

{via Studio McGee}


  • Chrome is making a major comeback! Though brass isn't going anywhere for a while, it IS sliding over just a bit to make room for its shiny chrome cousin!

{via Decor Pad}


  • Velvets

  • Stone

  • Brushed metals

{via Architectural Digest}


  • That dreamy driftwood, white oak is hard to get away from for SURE! But lately warm, medium toned woods are having a major moment:

{via Laura Helmick}


  • Two toned woods are where it's at! Mixing paint with warm woods is such a great way to warm up that kitchen!

  • Now, if wood in your kitchen just isn't your thing, painting the island a darker color can give you the same look!

{via Maillot Homes}


  • Geometrics and florals are staying strong - especially when it comes to wall coverings.

  • Mix up those pillows with some toile, stripes, velvets, and tribal textiles.

{via Becki Owens}

So clearly all of these won't speak to you. (I mean, I probably can't convince Michael to agree to floral wallpaper in 2018) ;)

But the ones that do? Just pull a bit of inspiration and sprinkle them in here and there!

Remember, if you really love something - don't worry one little bit about those trends. Your home will be more memorable if it's filled with things that bring you joy!


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