Our New Baby Essentials

My mom and I went baby shopping last week and, y'all, I was hands-down overwhelmed! There are just way TOO many fab new things since the last time there was a little one on the way in our house.

So I thought I'd share my very favorites! And since this baby is a surprise, they're all pretty gender neutral.

*And quick side note: I have goose-egg affiliation with any of these products. Just wanted to make navigating the world of the new baby a tad easier.

A. These Freshly Picked Moccasins are a no brainer! My favorite baby shoes by far. And the best part? They actually stay ON those tiny feet!

B. The Reva Changing Basket from Anthropologie is pure genius! For those times you need to change baby all around the house. We're keeping all of our changing supplies in here for easy access as well. AND? When baby outgrows it...it's a PERFECT spot for toys and books.

C. Oh Goop! You get me every time. This Belly Oil smells heavenly and leaves the skin so super soft.

D. I've heard the BEST things about the Ollie Swaddle. It breathes easily and the velcro is extra strong (for those little wiggly ones!) . Fingers crossed Baby Knotts approves.

E. The PATpat. Super cute colors and it's a pacifier and teether in ONE! I'm stocking up because paci's are like gold in our house.

F. You guys! Where has the Gathre mat been all my life? Finally a chic way to protect the floor from high chair spills and the carpets from little spit-ups. Gorgeous leather and SO many color choices!

G. Cuddle & Kind. These heirloom dolls are just about the sweetest things I've ever seen! My favorite part about them? Each doll = 10 meals for a child in need. There's nothing better than supporting companies that give back, don't ya think?

H. Babyletto Crib. Full disclosure this crib is still in my cart; so I can't vouch for its sturdy factor. But I do love its clean lines and modern style. It looks like much more expensive models at a fraction of the cost.

I. Bugaboo Stroller Though one of our pricier purchases, we've loved our Bugaboo with both babies! There's nothing like being able to lay a sleeping baby down in the bassinet while strolling the neighborhood. It just seems so much more cozy.

J. Pehr Bins With THREE little ones soon to be collecting all sorts of trinkets and toys, organization is the name of the game! I admit, it's not my strong-suit; BUT cute storage bins always help, right?

K. Bella Tunno Boss Bag Y'all diaper bags have come so far! When Elle was born, they all seemed a bit too "cutesy" for me. I love this one, though, because it's disguised as purse. So it'll carry me from diaper changes to client meetings just fine. And with lots of separate bags included, fingers crossed my fabric swatches won't be mistaken for baby wipes ;)

I'm sure I'll be back soon with 1001 more things I absolutely "NEED" for this baby. But I just wanted to hit the high (and cute) points first. Hoping it cuts down on just a tad of the overwhelm for ya.