How to Simplify your Home

Ready for a crazy fact? I read recently that Americans have 3 times the amount of space that we did 50 years ago. THREE times more than our parents did growing up!

And yet somehow there are STILL storage buildings popping up on every corner. What in the WORLD are we filling our homes with?

Now before I start to sound preachy. . . I'm right there with you, friend! This is me all the way:

"Just one more trip to Target."

"A few more trinkets from the dollar store shouldn't hurt right?"

"But it's Amazon PRIME - so... instant gratification! Doing it!"

Turns out, we've got triple the space; but we've become such GREAT shoppers that we've somehow managed to fill it all up and then some. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

As we keep adding babies in my house, we keep adding STUFF! And then those babies grow up and they need MORE and more and more.

It's a never-ending, exhausting & expensive cycle.

Our closets and cubbies are full; but I think our hearts and our money can sometimes get lost in the all of the clutter.

So how can we tackle the clutter together?

Here's my game-plan if you want to take this challenge with me:

1. EDIT!

The second our two little ones have their first full day of school. I'm simplifying! Leaving behind only the things that spark joy, as the fabulous Marie K. would say ;) Do I REALLY need 20 coffee mugs or 67 plastic dinosaurs or 17 pairs of black shoes that haven't seen the light of day since college? I think no.

2. PURGE! Big black trash bags room by room + a few goodwill runs = whole lot more freedom and white space.


A renewed focus on where I spend my money and how much "stuff" I slowly let creep in during this next school year.

Questions to ask before I buy:

Am I trying to fill a void with this purchase?

Am I just buying it for a quick little moment of happiness? Do we NEED it?

Will I love it in a few days? A few weeks? A few YEARS?

Is there a place for it in my home?

So who's with me?

Click the picture below to grab my exact guide to editing and purging your home.

I plan to print this out, pop into our family's notebook and simplify once a season.

I am so hopeful that this helps you free up some space in your heart AND your home.