Top 5 Tips for Designing Kids Rooms

Design by Studio McGee

Design by Studio Mcgee

I remember that day very well five years ago. I was nursery shopping for our first-born. Mile long registry in one hand and Venti caffeine-free Starbucks in the other. This was it! The day I would pull together a stylish & chic space for our little girl who was still MONTHS away from entering the world. (First baby. . . obviously!)

I think it was somewhere in the back of Buy-Buy Baby that I shed my first tears. Over a changing table (or a glider or one of the many “must-haves” on our list!) Nothing seemed special enough. The idea of one-stop-shop ordering everything from the same place with little thought to a collected feel, just didn’t seem right. So, my husband very sweetly ushered me out to the car. We’d tackle this another day.

Ever since then, spaces for little ones have become one of my very favorite things to design. There’s just something so magical about creating a room equal parts whimsy and fun!

And making it feel collected and personal, well that's just the best part of all.

We believe strongly that it is possible to have chic AND fun rooms at the same time! It's a juxtaposition that's rare; but when executed well is always SO memorable!

Today we’re showing you how as spill the beans on our

Top 5 Tips for Decorating Kids Spaces:

1. Infuse kids spaces with whimsy & charm

Design by Change & Co.

What better way to liven up a room than with pops of color both in paint and wallpaper! Living rooms and dining rooms often need to be a bit more serious and formal; but let's have some fun in our kids rooms.

Wallpaper is also a great way to get an accent color into the room which can then be layered upon with cushions and accessories

Pro Tip: If wall to wall color or pattern feels too drastic, don't forget the ceiling! Keep the walls neutral and play with pattern up above.

Design by House of Jade

2. Add character with eclectic artwork.

Contrary to popular belief, playrooms and nurseries don’t have to be centered around a "theme." That can often end up feeling a bit dated.

Instead, we'd rather choose collected artwork that is meaningful to you or your little ones.

We love Minted for affordable and fun prints that will liven up your space. We've rounded up our favorites for you HERE!

Pro Tip: Put your little artists to work! Use their masterpieces in playrooms and bedrooms alike. These can easily be changed in and out for variety. Bonus: your kids will feel famous when they see their paintings hung in such a special way.

Design by Erika Brechtel

3. Design with growth in mind.

This is especially important when designing "big boy" or "big girl" rooms. Though sometimes it's hard for us, as parents, to believe that our tiny toddlers will soon be hopping on the bus for school, it happens in just a flash!

Perhaps the best thing to do is think of how you can make the space functional for your little one that screams his/her personality but in a way they can love it and grow with it over the years with minimal changes.

Our advice? Think outside of the box when selecting furnishings. For example, a changing table can easily turn back into a dresser after diaper days are done. No need to buy a separate piece of furniture just for a year or so.

Pro Tip: Look for classic pieces that will outlast trends and be used for many years to come. For example this bed and bedding below will take this lucky little girl from toddler to teen with ease!

Design by Nicole Hollis

4. Stylish Storage is Essential!

If you're a parent, you know this all too well: toys can take over a house even before baby's first birthday. Keep the clutter at bay with chic storage (that will last for years to come.)

Design by Studio McGee

Our favorite sources for storage are: Serena & Lily, Pehr Designs, and Pottery Barn Kids

via Pehr Designs

5. But wait!!! Don't hide all of those cute toys. Accessorize with some to add a bit of charm.

Design by Monika Hibbs

Toys for little ones are so colorful and fun! Why not use a few to decorate bookshelves and liven up your spaces?

kids toy storage

Pro Tip: We love stalking Ebay for Vintage toys that infuse color and personality into a space!

No matter how you execute it, here's our Go-To Kids Room Recipe: Add a dash of vintage, a sprinkle of whimsy and a drop of contemporary to seamlessly create the perfect kids space!

Still feel like you need a little help? We’ve gotcha covered. We love designing for our tiny clients. We'll keep it chic, colorful, and undeniably cool. We promise!

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Because, here at Crisp, we believe that even little ones notice great design!