Throw Pillow Roundup

Throw Pillows. They can transform a room faster than just about anything out there.

But what happens when you want to freshen up that sofa a bit? You scroll Pinterest, get distracted by a new recipe for tonight's dinner, and then. . . overwhelm hits and you give up. Those hand-me-down pillows will work for another year or so, right?

We've been there too, friend! So to help narrow it down for you a bit, we've rounded up some of our favorite pillows from our favorite sources and we're spilling all the beans.

1. Sugar Feather

sugar feather throw pillows

2. Studio McGee

3. Motif Pillows: Etsy

4. Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood Pillows

5. Lulie Wallace

6. Little Design Company

Little Design Company Pillows

7. Arianna Belle

8. Danielle Oakey Shop

We're, fingers crossed, hoping that this helps you out a bit in your great pillow search!

If you still need a bit of guidance about how to mix and match or what pillows we'd suggest for your space, our Design Dilemma service is JUST the thing for you!