Organize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

Like the rest of the world, I went on a Tidying Up Netflix binge last weekend. I really have no idea what the appeal of looking at other people's clutter is; but somehow it was midnight and STILL I was glued to the TV watching Marie's famous folding technique (that I can guarantee you I will never master.) . Because #toddlers.

But even if my clothes are never in perfect squares, it was a good wake up call. Something needed to change. The next day I was on the phone with my sweet friend, Jillian Babb of Off The Floor Organizing Solutions. I like to call her the Marie Kondo of the South. My little Elle calls her the Organizing Fairy. Either way, she's JUST what we needed to whip our closets into shape for the new year.

I kinda can't believe I'm showing you this; but here is the sad state of Elle's closet pre-organizing.

I mean . . . y'all! How did it get that bad? It started as a sweet 5 year old's closet and then somehow became the dumping grounds for anything OTHER than clothes.

So clearly we needed some of Jillian's magic. Two things I love most about Jillian:

1. She loves a quick win. She won't leave until the project is finished and you've got a real transformation on your hands.

2. She shares my philosophy of MAKE IT PRETTY (and functional.)

So today she's breaking down her step by step process to getting your closets organized before the kids get off the bus today!

Seriously. It can happen!

Ready to Dive In?

1. Decide what you'll need to purchase (bins, baskets, containers). Run out and get those first so that you can have the satisfaction of putting everything back into pretty, matching containers at the end of your hard work. It'll make it ALL WORTH IT. Promise.

2. Pull everything out of the closet and put it on the bed.

Sort into piles by: keep, donate, trash, and save.

3. Sort the KEEP clothes pile by size (for little ones) or type of clothing for those of us who aren't growing 5 inches every season.

4. Organize the small things. (Especially important for toys!) Put all like objects in piles.

5. Move your pretty, sorted clothes back in the closet and your sorted piles into those pretty bins you bought in Step 1.

Sounds super simple right? But honestly, sometimes I look at a cluttered closet and I just need a roadmap (or the Organizer Fairy to do it for me!) ;)

AHHH! Can't you breathe a little easier just looking at this?

The best part was Elle's reaction. It was like all of her toys were new again. She's learned to appreciate what she has and is so excited that everything finally has a home! She's played in her closet for hours since Jillian left. And we've even added twinkle lights; because it's become her "most magical spot!"

While we have her, I thought we'd get Jillian to lend us even more of her brilliance. We're asking her our most commonly asked Q's about kids spaces so that you can get those little ones organized before they get home TODAY! (Yep, we love a quick win too!)

1. What's your system for outgrown clothes?

"Love this question and so relevant for all my fellow mamas out there! Why does it feel like our kids wear things one time before it's too small? Having a process for sorting, rotating and storing kids clothes can eliminate SO much stress. The short answer is to sort outgrown clothing into 4 categories: donate, repurpose, trash or keep. Try sorting as often as you can and not just during seasonal changes. Nothing's worse than sending your kid off on the first cold day of school in some high-water-too-small pants!

Donate: Keep a perpetual "donate" bag in the laundry room and the clothes you want to donate go straight in there.

Re-purpose: If you are wanting to keep an item for a younger sibling, take it straight to their closet where you can store in a bin on the top shelf for any off season clothing and clothes that are too big. Be sure to label this box/bin so that you don't forget about it!

Trash: Clothing that is ripped, stained or badly worn out, trash them right away!

Keep: If an item is sentimental and you'd like to keep it long term, place it in a separate box for safe keeping. This box can be a shoebox sized container that holds all of your child's special items you want to save. Don't forget to label this special memory box as well! Are you seeing a theme here...label, label, label!"

2. Do you have any favorite baskets or bins for kids?

"For SURE! Click on the pictures below to go shoppin' for my faves:"

Stackable Wooden Bins

polka dot bin
labels for bins

(These are great for labeling all of those bins and teaching your little ones exactly where everything goes!)

Still feel like you need a bit more help?

We love designing spaces for little ones all over the country.

Read more about our VIRTUAL DESIGNS HERE!

Or, if you're local to Charlotte, and need a closet or two whipped into shape, get in touch with Jillian over on Instagram. She'll change your life! I promise.