Friday Favorites: Vol. 2

It's that time again. . .Friday Favorites, you guys!

Just a simple collection of things that brought a smile to our face. And this week we've got some good ones for ya. . .

1. Target Opalhouse Vase

target opalhouse vase

Why we love it: As soon as the sad Christmas leftovers hit the Target clearance shelves, the new rollout of Spring decor was getting unpacked! I snagged this cutie little vase that adds LOADS of texture to a shelf and is the PERFECT vessel for some happy spring tulips (white of course)!

2. The Best Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why we love them: The first time I had sea salt sprinkled on warm chocolate chip cookies, my life was changed! Truly. I'll never eat them any other way. Y'all, this recipe will NOT disappoint. Eat up friends, it's FRIDAY!

3. Lake Pajamas

Why we love them: THE most comfortable pj's - if only it was acceptable to run errands in slippers and these babies! They just opened a store front on King Street in Charleston and we can't wait to make a visit :) Not to mention their Instagram feed gives us all the feels.

4. Savor

Why we love it: There just aren't enough wonderful words to say about Shauna Niequist. She's probably so well loved because of her uncanny ability to become your best friend who just happens to be sharing her heart (and her recipes) in a book rather than on the phone. This one is a must read!

5. First Five App

Why we love it: "Win the morning. Win the day," as they say. And this app is our favorite way to do just that. For the first five minutes of each day, we're able to put aside our busy schedules to hear from God and focus on what's truly important. These precious minutes allow us to serve you, our sweet clients, with our whole heart. And for that, we are so very grateful.

That does it for this week's edition.

We'll meet you back here next week for a whole new lineup.