Friday Favorites: Vol. 6

It's FRIDAY and we're closing in on celebrating with popcorn and a movie around here. But before the credits roll, here's a roundup of our favorites from the week!

1. Daily Planner

Why we love it: One of our favorite brands to follow and support! We love their beautiful bright patterned planners, but this chic simple leather cover has us wanting to switch over to a new style this year!

2. Tonic Living Pillows

Why we love them: The best designer pillows for an affordable price. We love that you can easily mix and match their patterns for any space. Oh and did we mention they have custom drapes too?!

3. Tassel Loafer

Why we love them: Does leopard really ever go out of style? We love these with cropped denim for Spring. Pair them with a flowy little top and you're instantly effortlessly chic!

4.The Book Distiller

Why we love it: Looking for some new books to read; but scrolling Amazon just feels overwhelming? Our girl Emily York takes all of the overwhelm out of choosing your next read. Follow her on insta for her best book recommendations and why she loves them. And I bet she'll even give you a personalized rec if you shoot her a DM! She's like your very own personal book shopper!

5. Sally King Benedict's Mother & Child Prints

Why we love it: SKB can really do no wrong in our eyes. But when she announced her upcoming series (releasing on March 7th), we were starry eyed all over again!

AND...that's a wrap for this week!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all.