5 Ways to Charm Your Guests

{Via Donnie Whales Interiors}

Creating a cozy and welcoming guest suite . . . it's one of our favorite parts of designing homes.

When planning a guest room that wows, we try to appeal to all 5 senses. This will go a long way in ensuring guests experience the feeling of a weekend getaway rather than being an intrusion.

If you design it with intention the first time, you won't have to scramble when you get that call that guests are on their way :) It'll seem personal and thoughtful to everyone who walks through your door.

Here are our go-to tricks to appeal to all five senses in your guest suite:

Sight: Create a cozy feel by adding layers of lighting. Start with the overhead light and then add in bedside lamps and reading lamps in corners.

*Bonus Tip: If you have pictures of you & your guests, put them in a frame by the bedside. They'll be so touched by the thoughtful nod to your memories together.

Smell: Invite guests in with your favorite candles burning or an oil diffuser that offers a clean and fresh scent without being overpowering.

Mist the linens with with a linen spray after they come out of the dryer for an extra special touch.

Taste: I always like to have a few apples, nuts, or chocolates for late night snacking and bottled water beside the bed. If possible, setting up a coffee bar would be an above and beyond welcome.

Touch: Texture, texture, texture! When designing guest suites, we like to give them a spa-like feel (which usually means lots of neutrals). To keep the space from feeling too sterile, add loads of various textures. Layered rugs, cozy throws, linen draperies, and of COURSE a waffle weave robe hanging in the closet are GREAT starts.

Layering linens on the bed will also ensure that all guests can be comfortable at night no matter what the temperature.

Sound: If possible, place an i-phone speaker (or even Amazon Alexa) right by the bed. Include a little welcome note with the wi-fi password to ensure guests feel right at home.

Cheers to hosting!


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