Why We Love Green!

We all seem to gravitate towards blue hues when it comes to our homes. But sometimes the best decorating moment comes when we go bold and branch out a bit.

So in honor of St. Patty, let’s give GREEN its moment to shine!


Today we’re breaking down the ways to incorporate this on-trend color into your home décor.

Green is not only such a great nod to the nature inspired designs we’re seeing everywhere this year; BUT it’s also timeless.

And unlike the 2018 trend of BLUSH everything, green is likely a bit more appealing to the men in our lives.


A perfect balance of sophistication (think green + gold) &

organic (think green + wood tones.)

But if it seems like a daunting challenge to add green pops to your home, we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few of our GREEN GO-TO’s:

Browse our favorites:

1. Oja Art Print

2. Feather Wallpaper

3. Mesmerize Print

4. Pillow Combo

5. Agate Coasters

6. Velvet Chair

7. Faux Potted Lemon Tree

8. Found Glass Vases

Paint Colors: (left to right)

1. Sherwin Williams Quietude

2. Benjamin Moore Salamander

3. Benjamin Moore High Park

4. PPG Night Watch

5. Benjamin Moore Hunter Green