Friday Favorites: Vol. 8

We MADE it y'all! Weekend's here!

Here's a glimpse at some of the things that brought a smile to our face this week. And you know we love sharing them with you:

1. Blush Espadrilles from Mulberry & King

Why we love them: Well # 1. . . they're blush. So there's that. Second thing, these are the PERFECT shoe to slip on when you're late for carpool and you'll still manage to look put together. They're running low on sizes. If you can't find your size, browse Mulberry & King for a bit. You're sure to find something you love. (We sure did!)

2. Jeff Lewis for Home Depot

Why we love it: Home Depot has truly stepped up their tile game and we're pretty happy about it. Browse the entire new collection from Jeff Lewis. It's budget friendly AND chic. Bravo, Home Depot!

3. Personalized MacBook Cover

Why we love it: Gold embossing + buttery soft leather (it also comes in a soft blush color). You'll feel like the fanciest girl-boss at Starbucks!

4.Hearth & Hand Candle

Why we love it: The perfect "clean" scented candle! I've already gone through 3 of these! True story.

5. DIY Home Scent

Water & Vinegar (2:1 ratio) Lemongrass & Lavender oil drops (a few of each)

Bring to a soft boil

Why we love it: When your candle budget is all tapped out, this is a GREAT way to get your home smelling fresh for Spring. Or when you've got a stubborn scent left over from cooking, this will get it out in no time. (Works like a charm every time for that post Saturday morning bacon sesh!)

AND...that's a wrap for this week!

Happy FIRST weekend of Spring. Hope it's full of sunshine!