Friday Favorites: Vol. 9

Today's Friday Favorites is dedicated to all things Spring! It's finally in the air and we're just so excited!

Let's celebrate with a little roundup of some fun things that struck our fancy this week, shall we?

1. Gallery Wall Prints

Why we love them: They are classic elegance. They make a statement without overwhelming the room. They're SUPER affordable. In short...decorating perfection!

2. V-Neck Tank

Why we love it: The perfect neckline and so comfy! We won't judge if this breezy tank + jean shorts + a panama hat = your new summer uniform!

3. Buffalo Check Wallpaper

Why we love it: This is going up in Beckham's room this week and I couldn't be more excited. Such a fun whimsical print (and it's removable JUST in case a certain someone changes his mind!)

4.Spring Color Palette

Why we love it: Currently trying to find a spot in my house to use each one of these paint colors. They are just they perfect shades for Spring!

5. Sleep Baby Consulting

Why we love it: Did Spring Forward mess with your sweet baby's sleep? Do you kind of worry you may never sleep again? That was me 100%! I'm so thankful for Elizabeth & Abby at Sleep Baby Consulting. I worked with them this month and it's been a game changer! You'd think by baby #3, I'd have this sleep thing down. But I realized there's just so many tips & tricks that I'd never even heard of before. Check out their Website and their Instagram. I'm almost POSITIVE they'll get baby (AND you) to sleep better in no time!

Just a warning though - you're also going to want them to be your BFF. They're that wonderful ;)

(This isn't a sponsored post by any means. I just love sharing things with you that have been life changing. And Sleep Solutions is for SURE one of them!)

AND...that's a wrap!

Cheers to a window's open, breeze-blowin' in kind of weekend!