Friday Favorites: Vol. 10

Today marks our 10th Friday Faves roundup! We hope you're loving our fun finds as much as we are.

True confession: Every week when I write this post, I hear Sister Maria's voice in my head singing "These are a few of my favorite things. . . " Gosh I love that movie!

OK, here's this week's roundup. Enjoy, friend!

1. Scallop Tile

Why we love them: The prettiest shade of blue for a bathroom! The organic texture of the tile will help give it a softer, more interesting feel.

2. Pretty Little Notepad

Why we love it: The perfect desk accessory that's both functional and pretty. So giftable too! How cute are those brass details?

3. Coffee Table Book

Why we love it: A special new book from Jenni Kayne full of ideas for creating special memories with family and friends. Not only is it a new go-to for entertaining ideas, but the back drop is Coastal California making it the perfect coffee table book.

4.Emily Freeman's "Next Right Thing" Podcast

Why we love it: Anyone else facing some big, scary life decisions? If so, you're gonna want to binge listen to this one! Emily's voice is just so calming and peaceful and her words are equally so. "A podcast about making decisions and making a life" in Emily's words. They're short and sweet and super family friendly!

5. O-Venture Key Ring

Why we love it: How am I just finding out about this brilliant little invention? Clearly, I'm living under a rock. I love that it keeps you hands-free AND no more nails ruined after a manicure! I'll be using this at the pool ALL summer!

That's it for this edition, y'all.

Hope your weekend is just the BEST!