The Only Art Roundup You'll Ever Need

Happy second week of April! We've got one week of our "National Decorating Month" series under our belt were we are sharing some designer favorites, rounds-ups and mood boards each week to help inspire you! If you missed last week, you can hop over here to check out Taylor's awesome outdoor design board that is oozing with Spring inspiration!

This week I (Gretchen) have the pleasure of sharing a roundup of some of our favorite artwork! Artwork is SUCH a personal addition to the home with many varying opinions on what to display on your walls that define and communicate a style you are trying to evoke. We think it's best to put all opinions aside and choose artwork that makes you happy, brings you joy, or reminds you of a special moment, or place. Because that Marie Kondo mentality of keeping the items that bring you joy doesn't just apply to your closet and pantry!

There are some rules (size and hanging height) that we try to stick to; but after that we kind of throw the rule book out the window. Aside from family photos (preferably in black and white) we have selected some of our favorite pieces that bring a happy color palette, satisfy our love for graphics, or give a nod towards nature that we love to add in every room.

Hopefully you'll find something in the bunch that does the same for you. And if not, we have a whole Pinterest board of many more pieces that might strike your fancy!

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Happy Decorating!


Stay tuned for the rest of April to learn about our favorite furniture and decor sources and get a peek at what's inspiring us during the National Decorating Month!