Friday Favorites: Vol. 13

Hey there! If you're new here...this is a little roundup we like to call Friday Favorites. Just a collection of things that made us smile during the week. We hope you love them too!

This week is a good one....

1. The Perfect Straw Tote

Why we love it: I grabbed this for our upcoming beach trip. It's the perfect size AND it's lined with the cutest pink fabric.

2. Antelope Pillow

antelope pillow

Why we love them: Antelope pillows - we love them so! They can often get pricey; but these are super affordable and GREAT quality. Lots of color options too! You'll love this pillow shop on Etsy!

3. Angel & Thread: The Sweetest Clothing Shop

Why we love it: Angel & Thread's clothes are not only super cute; but have the sweetest messages. I can't wait to order this little surfer shirt for my big kids. It's embroidered with a bohemian chic surfboard and this verse: "More than the sound of many waters, than the breakers of the sea, the Lord is MIGHTY"- Psalm 93:4.

4. Lulie Wallace Wallpaper

Why we love it: First of all, everything Lulie does is just BRILLIANT! From paintings to fabric to wallpaper to my favorite dishes from Anthropologie....she does it ALL! This week, as we design a little girl's room, we're 100% smitten with her wallpapers.

5. Iris Jewelry

Why we love themn: Ever since I saw my sweet friend wearing these gorgeous earrings at breakfast one morning, I could NOT get them out of my head. They are the perfect mix of classic and trendy and I find myself reaching for them almost every day!! Everything Iris Jewelry makes is a work of ART!! Y'all will love every single piece.

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!

Hope it's full of fun memories.