Our Favorite Business Cards

“Handing out biz cards. . . is that even still a thing?” I overheard this exact conversation between two young(ish) ladies in Starbucks last week.

I don't know what y'all think; but my vote is absolutely 100% yes! With most everything turning digital these days, nothing can truly replace that physical, hold-in-your-hand reminder of who you are and what services you offer. But in order to compete with all the noise and distraction out there, high quality, memorable cards are a must!

Since things are growing and changing here at Crisp Interiors (more on that to come soon), we’re starting with a biz card refresh.

And we couldn’t be happier that we partnered with Basic Invite.

For a fun twist on the typical card, we chose this clear brushstroke option to stand out from the crowd just a bit:

How we’ll use them:

-Client consultations

-At market and showrooms

-Vendor Reps

And for our past clients, surprise and delight is the name of the game. So we loved these 2 sided cards with a fun treat on the back:

How we’ll use them:

-Drop them in our “thank you” client gifts

-Send these tucked inside a birthday card (snail mail style) to each of our clients on their special day.

Basic Invite offers a whole new level of customization.

They are one of the few websites that allow unlimited color options with instant previews online.

Once you select a design you can change the color of every single element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure it’s exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. (It’s so much fun to play around and experiment!)

I’m thinking my next project with Basic Invite will be designing a large set of personalized notes with Elle. As I sat down to write her teachers a note of appreciation for all that they did this year, I realized that I’m always rushing off to Target to grab a handful of impersonal thank you notes when I could just as easily design a unique note that she’ll have on hand to write quick notes to friends and family whenever she’d like.

Here’s hoping it will teach her to always be grateful, to remember that design is in the details, AND that a good old fashioned hand-written note will NEVER go out of style!

And though our little Elle is nowhere near graduation (unless you count kindergarten), how much fun would it be to hop on and design simple graduation invitations with your special graduate this year? (You know, one last project to tackle together at 1 am over milk and cookies before they’re off into the world!) Basic Invite can have the best graduation invitations printed up for you in no time!

Ready for the best news? Basic Invite is offering 15% off to Crisp readers with coupon code: 15FF51.

So, whether it’s elegant high school graduation invitations, fun thank you notes, or stand-out-from-the-crowd business cards, I hope you guys love Basic Invite as much as we do!