Grid Gallery Walls: Our 4 Step Process

Today we’re talking frames! Nope, not those cute tortoise shell Warby Parkers propped up on your nose. Today, it’s all about the ART!

It wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I wised-up and started investing in custom frames. I’d always just used what was on hand at one of those craft stores, where frames always seem to be magically 50% off.

But as I began framing pieces for clients and seeing the very noticeable difference, there’s truly no going back! Custom will always be hands-down worth the extra investment.

One of our favorite ways to fill a large blank space is with a grid gallery wall.

Today, we're breaking down exactly how to create the perfect, symmetrical grid look. AND sharing our very favorite framing source! (Bonus: you even get a discount)

First things first, round up a collection of black and white photos or some art that will serve as a great focal point. We LOVE Sarah Watson's collection for a chic (and super affordable) look!

Next, decide how large you’d like that mat.

Pro tip: for a dramatic effect, choose a mat that’s at least 3-4 inches wide.

Finally, find your perfect frame! We typically opt for sleek frames with a slim profile in either gold or black for a modern grid wall.

If your frames will be near a window, consider glare free glass. This will ensure the art will always be center stage instead of just bouncing that sunlight around.

Hang frames 2-3 inches apart so the grid reads as one large piece of art instead of lots of disjointed frames.

Now…for the best part?

Our very favorite framing source, Custom Picture Frames, is giving Crisp followers, 20% off your entire order!

Just use code: CRISPINTERIORS20 at checkout.

Wanna know our faves?

Their Noir Classique is sleek chic at its finest.

And the Hudson (as seen here in our home) adds a luxe feel to any space.

You’ll love building your custom frame on their site. It's fun, easy and super intuitive. And shipping is super fast!

When you FINALLY have that art or those family photos framed, you can cross that off your ever-growing home décor list for GOOD!

(How's that for a productive summer?)

Hop on over and find your perfect frame today!