How to solve the dorm decorating dilemma

I'll never forget that moment. Giant laundry basket clutched in my sweaty palms, I huffed and puffed my way up those never-ending stairs to my first ever dorm room to meet my first ever roommate!

We'd spoken exactly once over the summer and I knew I'd love her even just from those few minutes. But what I didn't anticipate was that we'd pull out the exact same bedspread and matching throw pillows! It was meant to be!

I really do think we could have won "Cutest Dorm at Furman" that year! That is, if they actually gave awards for such a thing. But for some reason I don’t think decorating dorms was a super big priority for the Dean.

But dorms really have come QUITE a long way in the last couple of decades (ouch that was painful to type!) Just in case you need a little inspiration, we're sharing 5 ways to make your dorm room stand out from the crowd!

College days behind you? Not to worry…these are great tips for renters too!

1. Beautify the bed:

Think long-term. Consider buying a Queen size duvet instead of the typical twin. You’ll have a wider variety to choose from and it’ll take you all the way through senior year and beyond. BONUS: This extra fabric will make your bed feel that much fuller and fluffier (not that you need one more reason to sleep in during college, right?)

We like to keep bedding crisp and white. Neutral linens allow you to switch up the pillows every single semester if you'd like. Because sometimes those dorms need a post-Christmas refresh to make coming back a little bit easier! Mix and match so it always feels collected yet casual.

{via Jacquelyn Clark}

2. No more scary blank walls:

One of the worst things about walking into your dorm on day 1 are those scary, empty walls. There’s just nothing homey about that! But, we’ve got you covered with these ideas:

-Removable wallpaper: There are some GREAT options out there these days! Some of our favorites are from Hygge & West and Chasing Paper.

*If wallpaper just isn't your thing; but you'd really love to paint those walls instead, try THIS removable wallpaper that's made to be painted! Just pick your favorite color, and you're good to go.

-Framed fabric: Not ready for a full blown DIY project on move-in day? We get it! Try this instead: find a fabric or wallpaper that you really love and frame a large sample of it. It'll give you that print that you love AND it can be changed out really easily each year.

{via Loomology}

3. Get Storage Savvy:

In a dorm room where every single inch matters, help contain the clutter with really smart storage solutions. Make sure some pieces serve double duty. This acrylic trunk is the perfect chic solution. It can be storage OR a make-shift table while binge watching your favorite show with friends!

{via Wisteria}

For closets, we love the Home Edit's collection at the Container Store.

4. A Nod to Home:

Though it’s always so exciting to be living on your own for the very first time, there might just be a few days where you’d like a little piece of home close by.

Framed family pictures are, of course, a great way to do this. But a customized map of the city you grew up in is a unique way to show off that home-town pride.

{via Etsy}

5. Hide the fridge:

No really, we've got you covered on this one too:

A chic cabinet will hold your dorm size refrigerator nicely AND make your room truly one of a kind! I'm telling you - I would have been ALL OVER THIS in college had I known it was an option!

These are just a few of the tricks we’ve got up our sleeve to make that dorm truly noteworthy!

But here’s the fun part…we’re offering 20% off dorm room designs in July & August.

How does it work? Super simple:

We get to know your style (and your budget), source everything you’ll need from bedding to bookshelves and leave you with a customized floor plan so that you don’t waste a single inch of that tiny room.

Get in touch with us here and we’ll get you all set in no time!

Last thing...ENJOY it! Those college years are some of the sweetest of your life.