3 Ways to Move on From Gray Everything

It’s been a good run. Gray, you’ve left us with calming spaces, gorgeous built-ins and even some moody shiplap. But it’s time to make room for some fresh ideas.

Today, we’re sharing 3 fun ways to move on from gray.

(And they don’t involve painting your whole house…promise!)

1.Go dark.

One reason gray was (is) so popular? It’s kind of an on-the-fence color. You can be a little non-committal and it still works.

But what if, instead of shying away from color, we just WENT FOR IT. Whether that’s dark, moody walls or fresh white everything – let’s choose a side.

One way we’re doing that with a current client is putting that bold color on the ceiling and keeping the walls white.Similar to this gorgeous design:

{via Cortney Bishop Design}

2. Go light.

We get it. White walls can be super scary. Surprisingly, many of our clients are a bit more scared of white than they would be with a color on the wall. And for good reason. To do white right, you have to absolutely NAIL it!

Our favorite ways to make it work?

-Texture, texture, texture:

Cozy throws, grass cloth furnishings, linen sofas, wooden elements, natural fiber rugs. Go ahead...mix them all in.

{via Amber Interiors}


Olive branches, fiddle leaf figs, or oversized palm leaves.These will all help to warm up your white room.

{via Lexi Westergard Design}

-Add in pops of black:

Black windows, black wooden furnishings and accessories – they all help to ground the space and prevent it from feeling too stark.

3. Add color.

This is the obvious one, right? But how in the world do you narrow down all of those endless options on the color wheel?

Enter wallpaper! Instead of just committing to one singular color (which you may quickly tire of), consider having fun with all of the crazy good options out there right now.

Our go-to faves:

-Grasscloth (always a classic; but still fresh and new)

{via Brooke Wagner Design}

2. Rebecca Atwood: This brilliant designer is an easy way to dip your toe into the wide world of wallpaper.

Rebecca Atwood

So there you go!

Start small and have fun! Bet you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to add in some new shades and say au revoir (for a bit) to our dear friend, Mr. Gray.

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We can’t wait to give you some fresh, new ideas!


Emily + The Crisp Interiors Team