Monthly Mailbag: Sofas & Symmetry

We're so excited to introduce our newest blog series. If you didn't catch the details on's what you need to know:

-Each month we'll be featuring a reader's design dilemma to feature. We'll take their question and give our best advice in hopes that it will help them AND some of you (should you have a similar tricky situation in your own home.)

-If you'd like to be featured, just let us know HERE. We'd LOVE to have time to get to all of them; but hopefully some problems will overlap and we'll be able to help lots more of you that way.

-Of course, should you need one-on-one help, we'd love to welcome you onboard as a virtual design client. For all of THOSE details, head right this way.

OK - to kick things off, we're starting with a dilemma that seems to be super common:

No. 1: Allison's Living Room "I am looking for ways to lighten and brighten the living room space with the hopes of making it more kid friendly. I plan on rearranging the room so that the sectional is fully against the wall to open up the space (and will move the tv above the fireplace). We have very large walls so I would appreciate tips with how to fill up the wall space (art, etc.) and curtains for the windows which will flank the tv. I love southern style, but also like to incorporate modern elements."

Here's our thoughts for you, Allison:

Drapery: Yes - let's absolutely soften those windows a bit with some woven shades and drapery panels hung on each side. That will help frame the fireplace wall and make it feel complete. Hang panels about 2/3 up the wall from the top of the window to the ceiling.

Lighten up those walls: If you're up for a little painting, we'd suggest Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray or Sherwin Williams Snowbound for the walls. I think you'll be amazed at how much bigger & brighter the room will feel.

Large Scale Artwork: Since you'll be moving the TV, that opens up another huge wall for you to fill. These big, blank canvases can often be so intimidating at first; but the right statement piece can pull a whole room together so seamlessly. It's a GOOD problem to have believe it or not :)

Try these ideas and see below for sources:

-One giant piece of art framed with sconces

-A series of three or four pieces of art hung 2-3 inches apart.

-Greenery placed beside the artwork to take up even more visual space.

1. Sconces, Abstract Artwork

2. DIY Engineer Prints

3. Grayscale Grouping


No. 2: Erin's Family Room

"My problem with this room is the asymmetry of it all. The off-center fireplace, the sloped ceiling, etc. We are planning to put a doorway through that closet on the left of the fireplace which also contributes to the room being off, with the desk and shelving to the right of the fireplace. Should I rearrange the furniture, change the ceiling (we are doing a Reno so not sure if we should make the ceiling flat)... any ideas would be so great and I’m so thankful for you offering to do this!!"

It seems like symmetry is the biggest issue in this space. Though Erin's got SUCH great style, a few tweaks will help make the space even more polished.

1. The fireplace: These off-center fireplaces are always a bit tricky. If reconfiguring the whole fireplace to center on the brick isn't in the budget, our next best solution is to trick the eye. Try placing a few oversized baskets beside the fireplace to achieve more balance.

2. Mantel styling will really add to the symmetry of the space as well. We've given you some styling ideas below along with our mantel styling "recipe"

3. Though we love the artwork over the sectional, framing it with sconces on either side will help to balance it a bit more with the large scale of the sofa.

4. Finally, we'd suggest painting the desk a blue/gray hue and installing floating shelves with clean lines (as seen below.) This will break up the all of the white, which almost seems counterintuitive when you're trying to create more symmetry, right? However, it will allow that area to really POP and balance the visual weight of the TV and fireplace.

{Baskets, Sconces}

Hopefully this is helpful, Erin & Allison!

Send us pictures along the way - we'd love to see pictures of your progress.



P.S. Don't forget...if you'd like to be featured next month, get in touch with us HERE. We can't wait to help!