Monthly Mailbag: Seating Situation

No. 3: Brandon's Seating Dilemma

"I've bought a new sectional, rug, and artwork... now need seating of some sort to replace the dirty, old, and too-small chair and ottoman!"

Here are some ideas for your already lovely space, Brandon:

Seating: We'd suggest a pair of chairs underneath your oversized painting. Swivel would work beautifully here so that your guests have the ability to turn towards the TV or towards the conversation. A table in between the chairs breaks up all of the upholstery in the room and gives guests a place for their drink.

Lighting: If it's in the budget, a task lamp over the far chair would be our first choice for you. It'll give you a cozy place to read and won't take up as much visual space in that corner - allowing the painting and chairs to take center stage.

Hanging Artwork: From the pictures, it looks like your artwork is hung in exactly the right place. As a general rule, artwork above chairs should be hung so that the center of the artwork is 57" above the floor.

(See below for all of the sources to shop these chair & side table pairings)

1. Navy Slipper Chair ./ Natural Side Table / Floor Lamp

2. White Swivel Chair / Ombre Stool / Floor Lamp

3. Stripe Swivel Chair / Side Table / Floor Lamp


Hopefully this is helpful, Brandon

Send us pictures along the way - we'd love to see pictures of your progress.



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