The Crisp Interiors Design Process

What's it like to work with us at Crisp Interiors?

Today we're breaking down all of the steps to get you from scrolling inspiration images to fluffing the brand new pillows on your sofa. Our time-tested system will guide you through each phase; so that your experience is every bit as lovely as your new room!

Let's FINALLY make. it. happen.

Here's the roadmap:

1. Fill out an inquiry form HERE

2. We'll set up an introductory phone call.

3. Local Charlotte Clients: We'll see you at the consultation.

What happens during a consultation?

As we walk through your home, we'll offer high-level, actionable direction for:

-Furniture Placement

-Paint colors

-Window Treatments

-Fabric Choices


-Renovation Ideas

Virtual Clients: We'll get pictures and measurements from you and reserve an exact start date for your project.

4. Inspiration Boards Created and Sourcing Begins

Our team gets to work creating a cohesive vision for your home - blending your unique style with the signature Crisp Interiors look. We look at both form and function and choose pieces that fit YOUR lifestyle.

5. The Presentation

Both in-home and virtual clients will receive a full presentation of our work. We bring design boards, samples, a budget break-down, and floor plans. We sit down together and work through each room, discuss our thought process in the design, and listen to your ideas and suggestions.

6. Procurement

Once we have finalized the budget, our team begins ordering the items approved by you.

We have them shipped to a receiving warehouse where they are held securely until the majority of the items have arrived.

7. Install Day

The big reveal! This is the day you see our collaborative vision come to life! We install and style each space to perfection and then welcome you back home. The smiles we see on your faces (and sometimes happy tears) are, hands-down, the best part of our job!

We can't wait to hear about your project!

Get in touch with us HERE.

-The Crisp Team